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 Hisashi. ~

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PostSubject: Hisashi. ~   Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:58 am

Hotaru Hisashi
Literally meaning 'Long-lived firefly.'
Mutated human.
Hisashi has quite a questionable personality. His attitude varies on the person he's dealing with. Most of the time, he is quite calm and gets along with most people. He despises the sad, and envies the happy. When Hisashi shows emotion, it's extreme. When he gets angry, he gets violent towards himself and others, no matter who they are. He has never met a person in his life that didn't leave him, so he is very wary and picky of who to trust.
None, yet?
Hisashi has chestnut colored hair with pale blonde bangs. He usually wears a purple fedora with a black band. His left eye is a startling shade of silver, with a red 'X' through the pupil. He doesn't reveal this eye, however, and wears an eye patch over top of it. The eye patch has a picture of an eye on top of it. His right eye is just a simple shade of green. He has a sickly scar leading from behind his right ear to his jaw. His skin is sun kissed, and his cheeks are gently dotted with freckles. He has three piercings on each ear, none of which match. He also has a dimple piercing on the right side of his face. He is around 6'1, weighing in at around 230 pounds. His style is fairly simple. He wears black dress shoes, baggy pants and with a vest and t shirt underneath. He always has his tattoo on his left shoulder revealed, so he usually safety pins his sleeve to his vest. From his hand to his elbow on both his arms is wrapped in tensor bandages. It covers up scars and burn marks all over his arms, along with the code '122129' on his left wrist. At will, however, he can pull the bandages off and whip them out, and they turn into his cleavers. Because he's magical like that.
Two cleavers.
Aside from violent tendencies when he's angry? None.
Favorite Item:
His cleavers, of course. c:
At birth, Hisashi was never wanted. His mother sold him to scientists for $60 000 at the age of three. Until Hisashi was fifteen, he had been kept in isolation and had inhumane tests and experiments performed on him. His left eye is a result of that, along with the injection scars and puncture wounds on his arms. He wasn't the only one held captive, however. There was a man named Kouhei, who was almost a father figure to Hisashi when he first arrived at the lab. They had stayed together for many years, and planned their escape. When they tried getting away, they were caught. Kouhei quickly booked it without even looking over his shoulder to glimpse at the eleven year old Hisashi. In punishment, he had some metal plates injected into his neck for the latest experiment, hence where he got his scar from. After that experience, Hisashi never trusted anyone easily again.
When he was fifteen, he managed to escape. With no where to go, he fled to the other side of the country. Currently, he owns a place in a condo in a large city. He is unemployed, but steals and pickpocket's.
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Hisashi. ~
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